Monday, April 23, 2012

Who are Freelancers? Freelancing people

A freelancer as defined in What is Freelancing or Freelance? is anybody who works for different employers at different times of an year from any place usually from home as per schedule convenient to him.By definition he/she may be any person doing work of client remotely from same or different country.

Who are Freelancers?

A freelancer may be a student studying in college or university and doing freelancing as a hobby or need.Most of freelancers do not come by choice but majority of them are forced to adopt freelancing at different stages of life.They may need freelancing because of low income,financial problems or to cash their skills.Freelancing is increasing due to less job opportunities in different countries.

Freelancer may be an employed person working hardly but not getting enough money to meet expenses of his family.Freelancer may be a woman working or housewife doing freelance work at home to help her husband or family financially.

A Disabled freelancer
A freelancer may a person with limited or less abilities who have no ability to work like other regular or normal people.He /she may be a disable person.Hence for such people freelancing is the best option and opportunity.

Cultural restrictions in many countries may force the people especially women to take freelancing as their profession.

In some parts of world women are not allowed to work free outside amongst males,so freelancing becomes their best tool to earn money online to help family or husband in meeting domestic expenditure.

Freelancing is increasing day by day because of many reasons in world.Top reasons include ,less employment opportunities,financial recession and less income .

Outsourcing on other hand is also increasing which is inviting more freelancers to come into this profession and earn money online with their skills .

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