Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What do you mean by Freelancing job?

Freelancing is meant to sell your services while staying at home. All you work and communicate remotely on internet. The straightforward and easy way to “How to make money on internet?” is to do freelancing.

A freelancing job is any task you get from your client to work on remotely

Online data entry jobs
  • Freelancing job may be a data entry job for a company or a person.
  • This job may be to SEO search engine optimize any website or blog. Or in other words it may be to increase the Google ranking of a website or blogger.
  • Freelancing job for example may be to search on internet all airports in different regions of world and list their latitude, longitude and phone numbers in excel spreadsheet.
  • A free lance job may be to design a website or any engineering component.
  • This job may be to write articles on different topics given by clients. This may also involve technical writing in various fields of science and technology.
  • This job may be to make 3D models of various components using PRO-E ,solidworks or CATIA as agreed with client.
  • Freelancing job may computer programming, electrical design work ,HVAC design work or plumbing design work.
  • Freelancing job may be ERP/CRM implemenation ,software developmet ,business management,project management or e-commerce.
  • A freelancing job may be to teach someone online.
  • This may also be to solve various mathematical problems given by your client.
  • Freelancing job may be to make AutoCad drawings from various sketches given by supplier.
  • Freelancing job may be a virtual assistant job doing work for a person which is your client.
  • This job may be to translate or transcript inter various languages .

  • This job may related to email response handling and email marketin
In brief, freelancing world has all types of jobs for you to make money online 

Clients give you all description and guidelines to complete that task. In case of incomplete description, you may contact client for clarification. Types of freelancing  jobs equal the types of skills people have to make money online on internet.

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