Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earn Money at Home from Amazon Affiliate Program

As a part of your affiliate marketing campaign, you can earn money online with AMAZON affiliate program. If you have a website or blogger for others to place their ads on it, you can earn many dollars by working at home from it. Every body knows about Amazon and never need us to explain to people what it is. It has developed its credibility over many years and now you don’t need to do any sort of work in this area. Amazon has great variety and range of products of which ads you can place and advertise your blogger/website in a mutually beneficial way.

The concept is very simple:
Affiliate Program

  • You give advertising place to Amazon to publish their ads related to different products.
  • People visiting your blogger or website click those ads and traffic is diverted to Amazon website where they see the details for those products. Some of them like those products and purchase those products.
  • Amazon rewards you for their sale originated from your website or blogger/wordpress. This reward comes in the form of commission into your account.
How to make money online from Amazon affiliate program?
Please follow the following steps to make money online from Amazon affiliate program.
  1. First create your account with AMAZON affiliate program or with some affiliate marketing websites (see affiliate marketing websites.).Once that gets approved you are ready to pick their ads and place them on your blogger/website.
  2. Now create affiliate ads which are available in the form of text links, banners and flash text and can easily be inserted within the contents of your website/blog. 
  3. Now Place them strategically on different locations of your blogger and website where visitors have great chance of clicking. You are on the verge of makingmoney online.
  4. Rest is doing with traffic towards your website or blogger. Take all measures to enhance your daily visitors and your visitors would be actually earning in your account. Optimize your website/blogger for search engines. You can also create special pages or blogs for different products so that relevant Amazon ads can be inserted in between them where chances of clicking are more and traffic goes towards Amazon which finally becomes your earnings.
Now how much would you earn from Amazon Affiliate Program depends on,
  • How much is the price of product which has been purchased by a visitor coming from you website/blogger.
  • How many products are sold ,more products sold ,more money you make online from that.
  • How many visitors click those Amazon products ads and how many of them purchase those products from Amazon website subsequently.


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