Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Start a Freelancing Career? How to Start Freelancing Job?

Freelancing ,you would see lot of material written on it but very little which will guide you step-wise to start this career.You would get little genuine and really helping stuff on internet on "How to start  Freelancing career? or How to start a Freelancing Job? "
After reading Skills required for freelancing  you might have evaluated yourself and made up mind to jump into this career and make money online on inernet.Freelancing is just like a business on internet where you provide services to different clients and get money in return on terms and conditions mutually agreed.This is considered to be one of the fastest and easy way to make money on internet for skilled personnel.

Following are the steps to start a freelancing job or career.

Step-1      Sign-up on Freelancing website

                     The first step in starting your freelance career is to create account or sign up on any freelancing website.See the top 5 freelancing website to make money onlineSome of these website provide free sign-up and apply for freelance jobs. oDesk is one of those websites which does not demand for registration fee from newbies.

Step-2    Take few Qualification ,Readiness and Skill Tests

                     After creating your profile and adding necessary and correct information,take few tests related to your skills and readiness for jobs.Remember your profile should be well written & impressive.Odesk.com has a readiness test which you have to pass before you can apply for a job in freelance market.These test are easy and related reading material is also given on website .Freelance website also likes to test your skill so that clients or employer can see your score in skill tests and performance in tests before they award you job.These test for example,MS office skill tests & Engish tests, are easy and you can make good score in these tests with little effort.

Step-3    Apply for Jobs matching your Skills on Freelance Website

After completing the above steps browse for jobs and apply for jobs matching your skills.You would see many jobs which you can do .Jobs available may be hourly or fixed price type.bid jobs at reasonable rates in the beginning.In the beginning I would suggest you to take fixed price jobs and work diligently with full dedication.Try to work in  way to get feedback from your client.Feedback of client will appear on your profile and all other clients would also be able to see it .

Step-4    Work on job awarded ,take Deadlines seriously & send reports to your client

Many persons will be bidding for same jobs and if client awards you job then put your best efforts in it and complete it with decided deadlines and estimates.At the end send output reports and data to your client.Client may send you payment on  hourly basis or at the end of work.Provide your bank account details in your profile on freelance website .Client will send all payment to website and finally it would reach your bank account in accordance with policies and terms & conditions of freelance website.

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