Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 5 Five Qualities of a Good Freelancer

A Good freelancer is successful because of a set of qualities .You need to polish these qualities if you also want to become a good freelancer.In the beginning it looks quite difficult and perplexing to win jobs on freelancing websites and earn money online on internet.But rest assured ,once you start doing your first job ,more jobs start coming to you automatically.
Good freelancer
A freelancer with following qualities gets tremendous money by working online.Based on little experience and research in freelance market I consider foolowing 5 things to be MUST for a good freelancer.

1: Show what you really are

There is no need to write irrelevant info and skills you do not have.Read how to start a freelancing job or career.Jobs are available for every type of skill .You need to focus on job matching your skill only.Do not apply or bid for a job for which you dont have skill or you would be in difficulty in time management.Bid for jobs on reasonable rates not very low or very high.In some job client mentions to select the lowest bider for job ,for such jobs bid accordingly.In the beginning keep your bids at lower side and try for fixed price job prefferably.
2: Be honest and work with responsibilty

You must be honest while creating profile ,taking tests on freelance websites and while applying for freelance job.Bid honestly and show your portfolios and sample work honestly.
Honest plays significant role in the career of freelancing.By stating false or claiming skills you dont have may be useful for short term & finally you would be exposed and your freelancing career may end. Work with responsibility to complete it within deadlines given by your client.
3: Be Responsive & Well communicator

After getting job always responsive to your client.Many clients like to remain in contact with their contractors to know the quality of work.By doing so clients want to ensure that every thing is going in the right direction and his contractor would complete work within agreed time.Do not intentionally delay response to client.Always reply his emails and message timely in a good manner.Keep him aware of all work situation.

4: Apply teaming & Networking of freelancers

After getting little experience in freelancing you would feel need of more manpower with you to work on large freelancing projects .This can be done by teaming with some freelancers at freelance website and working jointly to complete it at fast pace.A experienced freelancer may sometimes hire newbies or beginner freelancers to work with him in a manner beneficial for all.This is a good practic and helps a lot inexperienced and fresh freelancers.
5: Be flexible and adaptable

Sometimes client wants to have more work in short time ,so remain flexible to complete his work in time by working more or teaming with other freelancers.Sometimes there is a situation in which price is not in accordance with work.In such situations give your extra time to client and in the long term you would get its fruit.Your hard work,honesty ,responsibility and flexibility would never go unnoticed and unrewarded. You would have a very good feedback on your profile which will help you to win more jobs and make money online on internet.


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