Friday, April 27, 2012

Freelance Writing

 Freelancing writing is mostly used to make money online on internet amongst all subfields of freelancing. In this subfield of freelancing knowledge ,English vocabulary and skill to write and organize writing is much needed .If you are seriously thinking to take freelance writing as your making money online tool then few things need to be done on your side.
Quality of your writing will determine your future in freelance writing career. It is not so to start today and getting success over night or in your first article ,blog or sample of freelance writing.You have to burn midnight oil to get a good hands on writing in any niche you select.
Following are tips to become a successful freelance writer.
1. Know freelance writing areas before you start

There are many fields of freelance writing in niche of your interest. You may get freelancing assignments in any of following areas.So think in which area you can give better results.  
  • Article writing,general or technical
  • Press Releases,freelance journalist
  • Blogs,usually SEO based blogs
  • Brochures
  • Web copy/web contents
  • Professional Biographies
  • Newsletters/Magzines
  • E-mail copy,email responses and handling
2. Focus on Quality writing , Avoid keyword stuffing
Focus on writing contents rather than stuffing the article or blog with keywords.Forget of all the SEO techniques and just concentrate on contents of blog,in fact quality contents .SEO techniques can be applied after you finish your draft article or blog.Keep your grammer correct and contents should look like professional .It should not look like an essay being written by a college boy.
3Take the Time Out to Read Best articles of others
Try to take time out to read best articles and blog on internet.This would make you understand how to write in a real professional manner .Read newspapers or online papers daily ,at least one article per day.If you make it habit to remain in touch with this world of writing ,I hope no one can stop you becoming a good freelance writer.Ezine articles may be most useful in this regard.Checkhow best articles are on Ezine.
4. Keep variety in your freelance writng
Try to take variety of writing jobs from freelance writing sites.This would enhance your exposure and provide you an opportunity to read,think and write on different sub fields of freelance writing.For example check here oDESK freelance article writer jobs available while you reading this blog.
5.  Show Committment ,Responsibility and Flexibility
Always remain committed to your client and freelance writing assignment.You should prove that you are responsible by your practice in freelance career. Flexibility in your work would help you to win many freelance writing jobs. Also display your special and most successful articles on display ,in profile portfolios with the permission of your client.Display your best in profile on freelance websites.You may also write for ezine articles and upon successful submission keep it in your profile so that every visiting client knows it.


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