Monday, April 30, 2012

How to earn Money from Google Adsense

Making money online at home has become a need especially in countries where people have been not provided enough job opportunities. Shortage of jobs leads the people especially youth to go for alternative methods of earning money at home. Google provides employment to those people through its Adsense program. It is not so to just connect to internet and start earning money right away but it needs little patience ,skill ,knowledge and techniques. This education is not taught in schools, colleges and universities that how will you earn money from Google adsense but people have to learn from internet and friends to make money on internet.
Earn money with Google adsense
Many people desperately looking and searching for approval of Google adsense account. I don’t know to how much extent this post will help but definitely beginners would get help and guidance.
Many websites are claiming for Google adsense in Urdu training or in native languages of many countries but in fact they themselves are making money by misleading you.But beware of Google adsense scams and frauds so that you do not lose money instead of earning it otherwise I would be laughing at You.

Googleadsense earnings are multiplied once you start earning at home through your account. As we are humans and need little guidance and instruction in every work we start. So we need Google adsense tutorials for properly executing it.

So right away we start how to earn money at home using Google adsense.

How to Get Google adsense Account Approved?

Make money online
  • You must have a website or blogger to get your Google adsense account approved easily.If  not then right now go for the cheaper option and start blogging now Google blogger ,wordpress or hubpages or squiddo. If you can afford, buy your own top level domain that would be basically a web or internet space to display Google ads and earn money from it. Your website must be registered in your name and give your address and contact details. This will be helpful later on.
  • Next step is to optimize your blogger or website for search engines .Purpose is to make search engines look at your webpage and show to other people who search. This is not easy to do. You have to do many things to accomplish Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
  • Now wait for few months ( at least 6 months in Pakistan & China).Google has imposed this condition for opening of new accounts in this part of world. This is very painful but what to do we have to wait .In this period try to add more SEO based contents to your website or blogger. Use various tools to add relevant keywords in your posts and pages. Google adwords really helps in this matter. Simple Google page also helps .see right here. Try to build some backlinks for your website and increase web traffic to your web pages. You can hire SEO experts for this.
  • Make sure that your WebPages look neat and clean, good navigation ,sitemap and contents. Do not worry if you have already hired the services of SEO experts in above step .He will take care of all these things. You must have above 350 unique visitors daily. Try to adopt the method by which you would get traffic from search engines .Traffic from social website will not help you for Googleadsense account.
  • Have a look at all the terms and conditions of Google for opening of new accounts and make sure that you already fulfilled all those. You are about to start your earnings at home using Google adsense.
  • Now apply for Google adsense account directly not through any third party website or forum otherwise Google may reject you for ever. Fill in the necessary and correct details. I hope If you have done all above steps truly then you are likely to get your Google adsense account in few hours.
I hope you get the above whole procedure for opening of account.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earn Money at Home from Amazon Affiliate Program

As a part of your affiliate marketing campaign, you can earn money online with AMAZON affiliate program. If you have a website or blogger for others to place their ads on it, you can earn many dollars by working at home from it. Every body knows about Amazon and never need us to explain to people what it is. It has developed its credibility over many years and now you don’t need to do any sort of work in this area. Amazon has great variety and range of products of which ads you can place and advertise your blogger/website in a mutually beneficial way.

The concept is very simple:
Affiliate Program

  • You give advertising place to Amazon to publish their ads related to different products.
  • People visiting your blogger or website click those ads and traffic is diverted to Amazon website where they see the details for those products. Some of them like those products and purchase those products.
  • Amazon rewards you for their sale originated from your website or blogger/wordpress. This reward comes in the form of commission into your account.
How to make money online from Amazon affiliate program?
Please follow the following steps to make money online from Amazon affiliate program.
  1. First create your account with AMAZON affiliate program or with some affiliate marketing websites (see affiliate marketing websites.).Once that gets approved you are ready to pick their ads and place them on your blogger/website.
  2. Now create affiliate ads which are available in the form of text links, banners and flash text and can easily be inserted within the contents of your website/blog. 
  3. Now Place them strategically on different locations of your blogger and website where visitors have great chance of clicking. You are on the verge of makingmoney online.
  4. Rest is doing with traffic towards your website or blogger. Take all measures to enhance your daily visitors and your visitors would be actually earning in your account. Optimize your website/blogger for search engines. You can also create special pages or blogs for different products so that relevant Amazon ads can be inserted in between them where chances of clicking are more and traffic goes towards Amazon which finally becomes your earnings.
Now how much would you earn from Amazon Affiliate Program depends on,
  • How much is the price of product which has been purchased by a visitor coming from you website/blogger.
  • How many products are sold ,more products sold ,more money you make online from that.
  • How many visitors click those Amazon products ads and how many of them purchase those products from Amazon website subsequently.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways  to earnmoney online at home.Affiliate marketing is one form of outsourcing (see what is outsourcing and its pros and cons) the marketing to people other than own organization.Marketing is always targeted to the potential customers to increase the sale of goods or services by any means.This form of marketing is proving to be a good tool in achieving the sale targets set by his companies.In this whole process of marketing ,following are basic players or beneficaries .
Affiliate marketing
  • Company ,merchant,or retailer or brand
  • Network,called affiliate
  • Publisher,also affiliate
  • Customer
Retailer/seller or brand gives the marketing rights to network which further sublets marketing to affiliates or publishers .Network takes care of all matters related to work and payment to publishers or affiliates.Publishers advertise the banners,ads or post links at their website.Customers when visit their blogger or website clicks or sign-up on retailer site (lead ).In this cycle every body is getting money or benefit.
Network or affiliate marketing websites keep their commission similar to freelance website(see here top freelance websites).Following are top affiliate marketing websites.
We at publisher level advertise affiliate ads in many ways.Mostly he does all this on his/her website or blogger in a search engine optimized (SEO) way .He cannot do all this without reasonable traffic to his website/blog.The objective is to bring customers to brand or company for sale or sign-up.Tis can be done in many ways.Following are mostly adopted. 
  • Organic search engine optimization techniques SEO
  • Paid search engine marketing,pay per click ,getting some money for each click on ad
  • Email marketing,sending emails to many people and bringing them to brand/merchant
So  if you are interested in affiliate marketing ,create a blogger/wordpress/hubpages ,optimize it for search engines and add some quality contents on it.Apply for affiliate program ,get ads and display on your website/blogger.


Definition of Outsourcing:

Outsourcing is the process of contracting an existing business function or process of an organization to an independent organization, and ceasing to perform that function or process internally, instead purchasing it as a service. Though this practice of purchasing a business function--instead of providing it internally--is a common feature of any modern economy, the term outsourcing became popular in America near the turn of the 21st century. An outsourcing deal may also involve transfer of the employees involved to the outsourcing business partner but it doesn't have to.
Outsourcing and freelancing

It is sometimes confused with offshoring which is “a company taking a function out of their business and relocating it to another country.” Outsourcing, on the other hand, can be either foreign or domestic.The opposite of outsourcing is called vertical integration or insourcing. However, a business function can be brought in house without involving vertical integration.

( Source for above definition is Wikipedia)

Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Outsourcing articles and outsourcing companies describe the following risks,reasons and advantages of outsourcing.
  • Major reason behind the outsorcing is the reduction in cost and savings.Cost assiciated with hiring people for that company would be higher than outsourcing the projects to freelancers who are found easily .Freelancers are always there on freelancing websites to make money online by their skills.Freelancers may be in foreign country who demand less money for same work at same quality and standards company wants.
  • Company has to bear many hidden costs associated with employees working with them.Some money they have to spend for welfare,medical and in terms of pensions.By outsourcing these said costs disappear automatically.
  • By outsourcing small projects and jobs ,company has more resources and money to focus on core parts of business thus getting more in business world.
  • In outsourcing ,company often finds talented people offshore or within country who can perform their tasks with excellence.
  • By outsourcing jobs, company provides more employment to offshore people than countrymen.Globally it is very good to reduce poverty and improve economic conditions of people but at the same time some times opportunities for the people of sam country are reduced accordingly.
  • When we look at advantages of outsourcing,sevices and goods produced by companies are produced at cheaper rates and hence prices of items and services are overll reduced in that country.Reduction in prices increase in buying power of people of that country.

Future of Freelancing : Future is of Freelancing

In today,s world see the condition of unemployment and anlayse the reasons behind it.The conditions are very pathetic in most of develpong countries.Situation may be different in developed countries.People have degrees in their hands but no job.Governemnt have no policies and vision to develope infrastructure or industry in countries which can provide employment to the masses.Youth is moving to deveopled countries where saturation point has come and such countries have tightened their visa policies and immigration lawas to limit the inflow of youth from other countries.But obviously every country wants to have best minds at their soil ,so no country would stop them but may reduce in future.

In such circumstances freelancing has very bright future .Clients in rich countries have jobs to give to people of developed countries but only on internet .Outsourcing is increasing day by day.Outsourcing encourges freelancing .I see the future is of outsourcing ,the future is of freelancing. Whether you are doing online data entry job,freelance writing,paid survey,affiliate program or google adsense on blogger/website,Congrats if you are freelancer or have decided to become a freelancer.Many people do it as a part time work which may become their full time work later on.

Data Entry Online Jobs to Make Money on Internet

Data entry online jobs are great demand in now a days.every body is looking for some means to earn money online on internet.The less skill demanding way is to take some data entry work online and earn reasonable amount of money monthly.
earn money by work at home
Ways to start data entry online jobs in pakistan
  • Data entry jobs without investment are difficult to find and keep on.Free jobs are available through freelance websites(See freelance websites and search for online data entry jobs here.).Please be aware of frauds and data entry online jobs scam otherwise you would be crying after your money loss instead of earning.These data entry jobs are very lucrative and helpful for students. I would suggest to sign-up on website to fullfill your freelance dreams.Sign-up right now.
  • All data entry jobs are not without registration fee.Sometimes you have to pay some money to earn huge money.Most of jobs are available through purchasing some software whick automatically gives you online jobs for entry.These softwares usually need a user ID nad password which can be purchased .Such type of jobs are not investement free.Please ensure that you get right software from the right person in order to avoid any loss of money and time.
  • I am not going to market some software for online data entry here.In Pakistan you can google online data entry jobs online on different websites .See here right now
In case you have any question ,please comment below.

Freelance Writing

 Freelancing writing is mostly used to make money online on internet amongst all subfields of freelancing. In this subfield of freelancing knowledge ,English vocabulary and skill to write and organize writing is much needed .If you are seriously thinking to take freelance writing as your making money online tool then few things need to be done on your side.
Quality of your writing will determine your future in freelance writing career. It is not so to start today and getting success over night or in your first article ,blog or sample of freelance writing.You have to burn midnight oil to get a good hands on writing in any niche you select.
Following are tips to become a successful freelance writer.
1. Know freelance writing areas before you start

There are many fields of freelance writing in niche of your interest. You may get freelancing assignments in any of following areas.So think in which area you can give better results.  
  • Article writing,general or technical
  • Press Releases,freelance journalist
  • Blogs,usually SEO based blogs
  • Brochures
  • Web copy/web contents
  • Professional Biographies
  • Newsletters/Magzines
  • E-mail copy,email responses and handling
2. Focus on Quality writing , Avoid keyword stuffing
Focus on writing contents rather than stuffing the article or blog with keywords.Forget of all the SEO techniques and just concentrate on contents of blog,in fact quality contents .SEO techniques can be applied after you finish your draft article or blog.Keep your grammer correct and contents should look like professional .It should not look like an essay being written by a college boy.
3Take the Time Out to Read Best articles of others
Try to take time out to read best articles and blog on internet.This would make you understand how to write in a real professional manner .Read newspapers or online papers daily ,at least one article per day.If you make it habit to remain in touch with this world of writing ,I hope no one can stop you becoming a good freelance writer.Ezine articles may be most useful in this regard.Checkhow best articles are on Ezine.
4. Keep variety in your freelance writng
Try to take variety of writing jobs from freelance writing sites.This would enhance your exposure and provide you an opportunity to read,think and write on different sub fields of freelance writing.For example check here oDESK freelance article writer jobs available while you reading this blog.
5.  Show Committment ,Responsibility and Flexibility
Always remain committed to your client and freelance writing assignment.You should prove that you are responsible by your practice in freelance career. Flexibility in your work would help you to win many freelance writing jobs. Also display your special and most successful articles on display ,in profile portfolios with the permission of your client.Display your best in profile on freelance websites.You may also write for ezine articles and upon successful submission keep it in your profile so that every visiting client knows it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 5 Five Qualities of a Good Freelancer

A Good freelancer is successful because of a set of qualities .You need to polish these qualities if you also want to become a good freelancer.In the beginning it looks quite difficult and perplexing to win jobs on freelancing websites and earn money online on internet.But rest assured ,once you start doing your first job ,more jobs start coming to you automatically.
Good freelancer
A freelancer with following qualities gets tremendous money by working online.Based on little experience and research in freelance market I consider foolowing 5 things to be MUST for a good freelancer.

1: Show what you really are

There is no need to write irrelevant info and skills you do not have.Read how to start a freelancing job or career.Jobs are available for every type of skill .You need to focus on job matching your skill only.Do not apply or bid for a job for which you dont have skill or you would be in difficulty in time management.Bid for jobs on reasonable rates not very low or very high.In some job client mentions to select the lowest bider for job ,for such jobs bid accordingly.In the beginning keep your bids at lower side and try for fixed price job prefferably.
2: Be honest and work with responsibilty

You must be honest while creating profile ,taking tests on freelance websites and while applying for freelance job.Bid honestly and show your portfolios and sample work honestly.
Honest plays significant role in the career of freelancing.By stating false or claiming skills you dont have may be useful for short term & finally you would be exposed and your freelancing career may end. Work with responsibility to complete it within deadlines given by your client.
3: Be Responsive & Well communicator

After getting job always responsive to your client.Many clients like to remain in contact with their contractors to know the quality of work.By doing so clients want to ensure that every thing is going in the right direction and his contractor would complete work within agreed time.Do not intentionally delay response to client.Always reply his emails and message timely in a good manner.Keep him aware of all work situation.

4: Apply teaming & Networking of freelancers

After getting little experience in freelancing you would feel need of more manpower with you to work on large freelancing projects .This can be done by teaming with some freelancers at freelance website and working jointly to complete it at fast pace.A experienced freelancer may sometimes hire newbies or beginner freelancers to work with him in a manner beneficial for all.This is a good practic and helps a lot inexperienced and fresh freelancers.
5: Be flexible and adaptable

Sometimes client wants to have more work in short time ,so remain flexible to complete his work in time by working more or teaming with other freelancers.Sometimes there is a situation in which price is not in accordance with work.In such situations give your extra time to client and in the long term you would get its fruit.Your hard work,honesty ,responsibility and flexibility would never go unnoticed and unrewarded. You would have a very good feedback on your profile which will help you to win more jobs and make money online on internet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Start a Freelancing Career? How to Start Freelancing Job?

Freelancing ,you would see lot of material written on it but very little which will guide you step-wise to start this career.You would get little genuine and really helping stuff on internet on "How to start  Freelancing career? or How to start a Freelancing Job? "
After reading Skills required for freelancing  you might have evaluated yourself and made up mind to jump into this career and make money online on inernet.Freelancing is just like a business on internet where you provide services to different clients and get money in return on terms and conditions mutually agreed.This is considered to be one of the fastest and easy way to make money on internet for skilled personnel.

Following are the steps to start a freelancing job or career.

Step-1      Sign-up on Freelancing website

                     The first step in starting your freelance career is to create account or sign up on any freelancing website.See the top 5 freelancing website to make money onlineSome of these website provide free sign-up and apply for freelance jobs. oDesk is one of those websites which does not demand for registration fee from newbies.

Step-2    Take few Qualification ,Readiness and Skill Tests

                     After creating your profile and adding necessary and correct information,take few tests related to your skills and readiness for jobs.Remember your profile should be well written & has a readiness test which you have to pass before you can apply for a job in freelance market.These test are easy and related reading material is also given on website .Freelance website also likes to test your skill so that clients or employer can see your score in skill tests and performance in tests before they award you job.These test for example,MS office skill tests & Engish tests, are easy and you can make good score in these tests with little effort.

Step-3    Apply for Jobs matching your Skills on Freelance Website

After completing the above steps browse for jobs and apply for jobs matching your skills.You would see many jobs which you can do .Jobs available may be hourly or fixed price jobs at reasonable rates in the beginning.In the beginning I would suggest you to take fixed price jobs and work diligently with full dedication.Try to work in  way to get feedback from your client.Feedback of client will appear on your profile and all other clients would also be able to see it .

Step-4    Work on job awarded ,take Deadlines seriously & send reports to your client

Many persons will be bidding for same jobs and if client awards you job then put your best efforts in it and complete it with decided deadlines and estimates.At the end send output reports and data to your client.Client may send you payment on  hourly basis or at the end of work.Provide your bank account details in your profile on freelance website .Client will send all payment to website and finally it would reach your bank account in accordance with policies and terms & conditions of freelance website.

Get $ online freelancing

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Top Websites to Make Money Freelancing Online

Freelancing being one of ways of making money online has been used in many ways. There are so many websites on internet who claim to be freelancing provider. Many of them are scams and frauds .
On these websites, freelancers show their profile with skills they have. Whereas clients advertise their jobs. Clients invite freelancers for bids or rates of work .Clients also mention the budget, time frame and quality which they require the contractor to comply. 
website to make money freelancing online
Clients offer following two types of jobs on these freelancing websites.

  • Hourly job
  • Fixed price job

In hourly job clients pays to contractor on hourly basis while in fixed price job client pays after the said work is completed and he is satisfied with its quality.
It would be difficult to specify websites for freelancing because with passage of time the policies and working of these websites may change and hence their rankings. According to my point of view, following are top most freelancing websites.
  1. ODesk
  2. Elance
  3. Vworker
  4. Guru

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What do you mean by Freelancing job?

Freelancing is meant to sell your services while staying at home. All you work and communicate remotely on internet. The straightforward and easy way to “How to make money on internet?” is to do freelancing.

A freelancing job is any task you get from your client to work on remotely

Online data entry jobs
  • Freelancing job may be a data entry job for a company or a person.
  • This job may be to SEO search engine optimize any website or blog. Or in other words it may be to increase the Google ranking of a website or blogger.
  • Freelancing job for example may be to search on internet all airports in different regions of world and list their latitude, longitude and phone numbers in excel spreadsheet.
  • A free lance job may be to design a website or any engineering component.
  • This job may be to write articles on different topics given by clients. This may also involve technical writing in various fields of science and technology.
  • This job may be to make 3D models of various components using PRO-E ,solidworks or CATIA as agreed with client.
  • Freelancing job may computer programming, electrical design work ,HVAC design work or plumbing design work.
  • Freelancing job may be ERP/CRM implemenation ,software developmet ,business management,project management or e-commerce.
  • A freelancing job may be to teach someone online.
  • This may also be to solve various mathematical problems given by your client.
  • Freelancing job may be to make AutoCad drawings from various sketches given by supplier.
  • Freelancing job may be a virtual assistant job doing work for a person which is your client.
  • This job may be to translate or transcript inter various languages .

  • This job may related to email response handling and email marketin
In brief, freelancing world has all types of jobs for you to make money online 

Clients give you all description and guidelines to complete that task. In case of incomplete description, you may contact client for clarification. Types of freelancing  jobs equal the types of skills people have to make money online on internet.

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