Monday, April 23, 2012

What is Freelancing or Freelance ?

Definition of freelancer is as given below.

A freelancer or free lancer is someone who works usually for multiple employers at different times of an year. A freelancer is just like a businessman running his own work as per his skills .He sells his services remotely to clients in his own as well as in foreign countries .A free lancer makes money online using his skills.freelancer gets payment from his client for his skills and work done. Payment may be sent directly to him/her or through some intermediate agency or website. Intermediate person or website (also know as freelancing website) also keeps his commission.
What is Freelance or Freelancing ?

At one time freelancer does work for one client and at another time free lancer may be working freelance job for other client(s).He takes his work where he goes and does with complete freedom of time and place. However he must take clients deadlines seriously. 

The quality of work a freelancer produces and commitment towards deadlines is the key to freelancing success.

Freelancing jobs are available for part time and full time work .Sometimes a freelancer may work in groups with other free lancers to form a team or contractor’s agency or “virtual agency”. Team of freelancers may work excellent for long or huge project. 

Team of freelancers  coordinate to produce quality work for their clients in a better way.

There is a misconception about freelancing that freelancers work free or next to free thing on internet. This is totally wrong . Freelancers earn money online depending upon their skills level.

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