Friday, April 27, 2012

Future of Freelancing : Future is of Freelancing

In today,s world see the condition of unemployment and anlayse the reasons behind it.The conditions are very pathetic in most of develpong countries.Situation may be different in developed countries.People have degrees in their hands but no job.Governemnt have no policies and vision to develope infrastructure or industry in countries which can provide employment to the masses.Youth is moving to deveopled countries where saturation point has come and such countries have tightened their visa policies and immigration lawas to limit the inflow of youth from other countries.But obviously every country wants to have best minds at their soil ,so no country would stop them but may reduce in future.

In such circumstances freelancing has very bright future .Clients in rich countries have jobs to give to people of developed countries but only on internet .Outsourcing is increasing day by day.Outsourcing encourges freelancing .I see the future is of outsourcing ,the future is of freelancing. Whether you are doing online data entry job,freelance writing,paid survey,affiliate program or google adsense on blogger/website,Congrats if you are freelancer or have decided to become a freelancer.Many people do it as a part time work which may become their full time work later on.


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