Friday, April 27, 2012

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways  to earnmoney online at home.Affiliate marketing is one form of outsourcing (see what is outsourcing and its pros and cons) the marketing to people other than own organization.Marketing is always targeted to the potential customers to increase the sale of goods or services by any means.This form of marketing is proving to be a good tool in achieving the sale targets set by his companies.In this whole process of marketing ,following are basic players or beneficaries .
Affiliate marketing
  • Company ,merchant,or retailer or brand
  • Network,called affiliate
  • Publisher,also affiliate
  • Customer
Retailer/seller or brand gives the marketing rights to network which further sublets marketing to affiliates or publishers .Network takes care of all matters related to work and payment to publishers or affiliates.Publishers advertise the banners,ads or post links at their website.Customers when visit their blogger or website clicks or sign-up on retailer site (lead ).In this cycle every body is getting money or benefit.
Network or affiliate marketing websites keep their commission similar to freelance website(see here top freelance websites).Following are top affiliate marketing websites.
We at publisher level advertise affiliate ads in many ways.Mostly he does all this on his/her website or blogger in a search engine optimized (SEO) way .He cannot do all this without reasonable traffic to his website/blog.The objective is to bring customers to brand or company for sale or sign-up.Tis can be done in many ways.Following are mostly adopted. 
  • Organic search engine optimization techniques SEO
  • Paid search engine marketing,pay per click ,getting some money for each click on ad
  • Email marketing,sending emails to many people and bringing them to brand/merchant
So  if you are interested in affiliate marketing ,create a blogger/wordpress/hubpages ,optimize it for search engines and add some quality contents on it.Apply for affiliate program ,get ads and display on your website/blogger.


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