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How to increase Amazon Kindle e-Book Sale with Facebook

Amazon Kindle e-book sale can be increased using advertisement on social website like Facebook. You do not know how much can you earn at home with from your e-book . Make money online by integrating and running Facebook ads with your e-book promotion at Amazon kindle store. This is a way of work with amazon at home but different from earn money at home from Amazon Affiliate Program.
This post will guide you step-wise and bring your KDP sales to peak level. This advertising concept has worked well for many people and they have made booming progress using this concept.
Increase your KDP sales
This concept works well and valid when you have published few books on KDP and at least few people have liked it. This concept works well if you have one book or series of books and want to increase it advertisement and hence sale. The central theme of this advertising is to broaden the base of your fans .As use of social websites, like facebook, has increased tremendously so publishing and advertising on these websites was not as lucrative as it is today. Every body wants to do every sort of internet work through these social websites. Your existing fans will bring more fans for your work. Once you do it profiles and walls of your fans become publishers for your work. You have to show little mastery in all this process.
The theme is to make a fan page on facebook followed by running promotions for your book on KDP. Obviously your book must be enrolled in KDP before this. Your fan page would have links of ads you make on facebook. Special Incentives may be given to fans like FREE E-BOOK FOR FANS ONLY.This would work to increase Amazon kindle book sale.
Your book will be spread like virus and sales will be multiplied within short period through this campaign. In this way you can make money online through simple techniques of advertisement.Your advertisement cost and time on other places and forums will be much reduced.

Ultimate Guide to KDP advertisement on Facebook

Please find below the sequence in which you will get guidance in subsequent pages of this report.

  •  Creation of fan page & Like Page with incentives
  •  Free book Promotion on Kindle store for 24 Hours
  • Creation of Facebook Ads for Fan Page
  • Growth in Fans –go spread rapidly
  • Increasing List price of Book
  •  Running Ads for Book Sales-that is Profit

Step wise details with necessary images are hereby presented for your guidance & convenience so that you do not need to ask any question while you reach the conclusion of this report. Let we start.

Step # 1: Create a Fan Page

At this page you would be asked to select the type of your Fan Page.
Create Fan Page
Type of fan Page
  • Choose type of fan page, which is Entertainment in this case
  • You will choose category of Entertainment “Book”from drop down list. You will also fill book name and check box for ensuring that you agree to Facebook Pages Terms.
  • Also add some photo for page. This photo may be cover page of your book or any photo you consider to useful in this regard. You can add photo from your computer or from some website also.
  • Add some information about your page also which may be description of your book also. People may have been more impressed with description. Never overlook such small strategies in advertisement.
  • Check following example of facebook fan page to get an idea how amazing it look like.
  • There are many options to make your fan page more impressive and appealing with many new facebook features that came out after 30th March.
  • Set the facebook web address of this fan page so that people can search and reach here easily.
  • Facebook will ask you to now fill some details about your page and proceed accordingly. In the admin panel of your page, add basic information about your book. While giving info, be generous and ensure to provide visitors every possible detail after all those visitors would add o your sales.
  • After adding basic information now it is time to add fans ONLY contents to your page. Luckily applications on facebook help a lot in this regard. This fans ONLY tab can be added easily, go and get this application –Static HTML Plus. This application will materialize your incentive to fans only. Visitors will be compelled to become fan for entry to this tab. Your visitors will land on this page and only fans will get free kindle e-book in the tab of fans ONLY. This idea would work greatly for increasing the fans of your page.
  • So now you have that application on your page .Write some needed contents in application in the form of contents and fans ONLY content. See the below image for said details.

Facebook application page
  • Don’t forget to add link to your book on kindle store on this application.
  • Your fan page should like nice and attractive for visitors to force them to become fan. Here you can find great ideas and tips to make it more eye catching.                Let’s move ahead. 
Step # 2: Create Facebook Ads for Your Fan Page
Images for fan book ads
  • Now you need to create Facebook ads for your page. In this regard you first need to have 20 quality images. These pages should be somehow related to your page and worthy to see. These images give the first impression about the page. More attractive and attention-getting images you have more effective your fan page will be. Use search engines to find related best quality images. Some of the examples are given below.
  • Facebook also rewards you with reduction in CPC when you have high click-through rates. Keep variations in ads and you will definitely find winners. Testing the ads is a good way to see their effectiveness with passage of time. Experience matters most in all cases.
  • Create a new campaign and use best of your images (20) with highest CTR.
  • Add some attention grabbing  text to convince people to Like and get incentive    See the image above for example;
  • link your fan page
  • Then link your ad with your fan page so that your fans would reach here. 
  • In the precise interests add some book names in which reader or visitors may be interested. You can target your visitor in the whole world or only in Unites states or United Kingdom. Select the age group of people above 18 years all.
  • Always test the add with highest CTR so it is advisable to begin low on bidding CPM.  You need to wait until the approval of your ads. 
  • fan page particulars
  • Very important to mention is, schedule the ads in match with live promotion of your book so that visitors do not get disappointed. When your ad gets approved, pause or schedule it so that it is published with promotion of book.
Step # 3: Time to Make New Book Promotion on Amazon KDP 
  • Now after your fan page and Facebook ads work has completed, schedule a new book promotion on KDP which is possible only if your have already enrolled your book on KDP select program.
  • Your book promotion time should match with Facebook ad schedule. If both go in harmony positive results will start coming definitely.
  • To be more worthy and valuable it is also suggested to keep book list price high .After your promotion ends, you still would have an opportunity to keep your ads and advertisement on Facebook.
Book Promotion
Step # 4: Create New Ads and Edit Your Facebook Fan Page 
  • The work done in above steps is not going to be wasted even if the promotion is finished. All the work done creating fan page and Ads on Facebook would be useful in many ways. Your fans on Facebook will bring more Facebook users to your page and traffic will increase to your page accordingly. Your fans will continue to increase even after the promotion has ended but may decrease to some extent. Now you need to edit your Facebook fan page and display Book Sale letter instead of welcome. You need to add book cover, reviews and links of your listings on Amazon store and you would still experience growth in sale of book.
  • Now convert your book readers to customers and bring more ads and your fan page would be rushed and traffic would increase tremendously. When your sale increases on Amazon, you would definitely get higher position on best seller lists. Once you move vertically up on that list then it goes terrifically. You would stay at that list as long as your book is selling.
  • The best CTR images on your ads can be used to sell your books and get more fans to your page. Hence traffic to kindle store would also increase accordingly. Good reading material on your book would bring more followers and subscribers to your fan page, and your fans/subscribers and followers would bring more customers to you.

I hope you comprehend the concept. The purpose is to bring more people to your fan page by offering a free book for fans ONLY. For this you have to create a fan book page and Facebook ads with impressive images and get approved. Your book promotion has to be matched with advertising ads on Facebook

In this way you may get high position on best sellers list on Amazon. The same fan page, ads and images can be used to run campaigns and hence make money on  new books and so on. Because of large nos.  of fans every incoming campaign is expected to give more sale than previous.Your earning online will be multiplied while you stay and work at home.
I hope this blog post would help you a lot.

Best of Luck!


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